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Do I Need An Electrician?
Do I need work to be carried out by an electrician?

If you are unsure whether to call, the information below will hopefully answer your question.

You will need an electrician if...

* The sockets and lights on your premises are not working
This could mean either problems with your electrical installation, or problems with the light or socket fittings themselves. You will need an electrician to diagnose where the problem lies. Common problems are unsound installations that might have to be replaced, faulty fuses, old light fittings reaching the end of their useful lives, damaged or weathered seals allowing water to get into lights and sockets, or a wiring fault. You may even find rodents have bitten through your wiring!

* Your fuse trips
This is most likely to be linked with problems with your lights and sockets. Again, you will need an electrician to diagnose what is going wrong.

* For the installation of all new electrical points
This includes additional lighting, sockets and any addition or alteration to any electrical circuit within your home.

You won't need an electrician when...

* Your boiler and central heating electrics need attention
These are usually dealt with by central heating and gas installers.

* Your domestic appliances are broken
Cookers, microwaves, fridges, freezers, washing machines, dryers. These appliances will be fixed by white goods repair companies. Audiovisual equipment should also be referred to specialist repairers, not electricians.